Tea Therapy …

Mindfulness Meditation in a cup of Tea…

Today, now more than ever, it has become necessary to incorporate some type of mindfulness meditation into your daily existence. This moment of meditation is to allow you the time and space needed to address the thoughts that are running ramped in your head. Regular practice is a way to refresh your current state of being and alleviate stress.

A tea time moment as a prelude to his next journey....Jimi Hendrix September 17th, 1970

Mindfulness meditation is achieved by taking up one of many preferred meditation practices to guide you to a place of peace. One of my favorites is cupped in a tea time moment.

The Tea Therapy Rx, as I like to call it, is the practice of taking the time to brew up a fresh pot of tea, steeping fresh (my preferred) or a tea bag version of your favorite tea blend. Give yourself the 15 minutes or so it takes to enjoy this hot brew by reflecting on your existence one sip at a time. Soundtrack this moment with silence, or some meditative tunes as you see fit. Just be sure to give your self a moment to sit, relax and breathe, clearing your thoughts of negativity. If so inspired, jot down a note or two in a journal…

Although we would like to spend monumental amounts of time in deep meditation, the reality is that many of us are not afforded such luxuries. A tea time moment will allow you a few moments to assess, regroup and refresh…with every sip.

Have you had your tea time moment today?

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